We bill ahead. Invoices are due by the first day of January, April, July or October depending upon your billing selection of quarterly, semi-annually  or annually.  Extra fees will be invoiced as incurred.

   Invoices can be mailed or emailed with a link to pay online!‚Äč

Non-payment will result in suspension of service.

Trash Bags Per Week:

Eight - 15-gallon bags


Four - 30-gallon bags

Extra Trash Charges:

15-gallon bag - $2 per bag

30-gallon bag - $3 per bag

*if you have contractor bags, please contact us!

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Because of the weight of recent contractor bags, being unable to lift them into our truck, we cannot take CONTRACTOR BAGS DURING REGULAR PICKUPS (bags larger than 30 gallons). Advanced scheduling is required. They are just too heavy to throw into our trucks.  *Businesses and special arrangements may be excluded from this policy*