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Extra Trash Charges:

15-gallon bag - $2 per bag

30-gallon bag - $3 per bag

*if you have contractor bags, please contact us!


Items that CAN go in the bag include:
All clean cardboard, paperboard and pizza boxes
Newspapers, advertising inserts and mail
Magazines, catalogs, phone books, hard cover books
Clean paper plates (not soaked or caked with food or oils)
Wrapping paper that can rip
Milk & juice cartons (it helps to remove caps, but isn’t necessary)
Drink boxes and other aseptic containers (such as nut milk boxes)
Shredded paper
Plastic rigid containers, including but not limited to:
Water bottles and salad containers
Milk jugs
Detergent bottles
Yogurt containers
Takeout food containers (not styrofoam)
Metal containers, including but not limited to:
Tin cans
Aerosol cans, such as shaving cream and hair spray (completely emptied)
Aluminum cans, tins and foil (not caked with food residue)
Pots and pans
Glass, including all glass bottles & jars
All above containers should be empty, but not perfectly clean. A light rinse will do.

Items that CANNOT go in the bag, include:
Propane, fuel, or gas (O²) tanks (Most transfer stations will take these at a small cost)
Plastic film, such as SaranWrap®, shrink wrap or boat wraps
Rope, cables, cords or wires
Yard waste or food (compost them instead!)
Video and audio tapes
E-waste, such as computers, laptops, TVs, etc.
CDs or DVDs
Appliances, such as microwaves or refrigerators (Most transfer stations will take these for a small fee)
Clothing, shoes or bedding
Car, truck or boat parts, including batteries and brake rotors
Plastic knives, forks and spoons
Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFLs) and regular fluorescent bulbs

Trash Bags Per Week:

Eight - 15-gallon bags


Four - 30-gallon bags

Because of the weight of recent contractor bags, being unable to lift them into our truck, we cannot take CONTRACTOR BAGS DURING REGULAR PICKUPS (bags larger than 30 gallons). Advanced scheduling is required. They are just too heavy to throw into our trucks.  *Businesses and special arrangements may be excluded from this policy*


We bill ahead. Invoices are due by the first day of January, April, July or October depending upon your billing selection of quarterly, semi-annually  or annually.  Extra fees will be invoiced as incurred.

   Invoices can be mailed or emailed with a link to pay online!

Non-payment will result in suspension of service.